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CHU Website

The state of play

CHU provides a variety of strata, building, landlord and contents insurance products. Their primary selling channel was their website, however it did not provide a good user experience for prospective customers, and was failing to generate a high enough volume of leads for the business.

The objective

CHU wanted an improved, modern look and feel for their website and a seamless user experience for their prospects to help drive more enquiries and requests for quotes. They also wanted flexibility in the types of content they could produce and an easy-to-use CMS. With an SEO program on the horizon, it was also important the site be built according to technical SEO best practices.

The outcome

SGY designed and built a site focused on optimum user journeys from first impression to quote request submission, with a clean and colourful design showing off the brand at every step.


The results

CHU saw much higher levels of engagement than previously, including a sharp increase in enquires and quote requests, and greatly appreciated the easier to use CMS and flexible content block page structure.

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