Industry SuperFunds – Young Audience

The state of play

Industry SuperFunds is an affiliation of leading Australian industry superannuation funds. However, it had noticed that its website was not resonating with the 16 to 24 year old age group – a key target audience at the beginning of their superannuation journey.

The objective

Industry SuperFunds wanted to expand the content on their website to target 16 to 24 year olds, recognising that the  content had to align with this younger demographic’s motivations, ambitions and knowledge gaps, while keeping in mind that they are usually not highly engaged with super.

The overarching objective was for Industry SuperFunds to become the trusted source of super information for this audience and to help them find an industry fund that was right for them


The solution

After analysing research that confirmed 16 to 24 year olds do not generally consume media via traditional tv, radio and print, we recommended the use of video as the key format to reach this demographic. With this approach endorsed by the client, we set about creating a series of four animated videos across a range of superannuation and finance topics. The videos employed short, sharp “snackable” content, and included fun illustrations and a relatable voice over.

The tone of voice, topic choices and design were all carefully considered to maximise engagement with this often easily-distracted cohort.


The result

Industry SuperFunds were delighted with the final videos and were confident that they’re helping to educate and inform young Australians in their early working life. The videos’ design enables them to continue to be used in future social media activity targeted at the younger audience.


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