Digitally Sharp. Creatively inspired. We are SGY.

SGY was born from Spark Green and Yoke – each bringing 15 years’ experience at the forefront of their respective fields:

  • Spark Green in the digital space for superannuation and financial services, and
  • Yoke in the world of brand strategy and creative design.

When they met, magic happened.

We believe in evidence over assumption, relationships over transactions, and connection over everything. We strive to bridge the gap between brands and their customers, connecting companies to the ever-changing reality their audiences face, the goals they’re working towards, and the things that make them tick.

Endlessly curious and fiercely creative, SGY uses strategic thinking to develop fresh and unique solutions for your brand.

As digital mavens, culture vultures, and creative explorers, we draw on our wealth of experience in financial services, arts and culture, healthcare, and education to deliver better experiences and interactions for your audience, developing highly targeted digital products, relevant content, engagement tools and campaigns that make a real impact.

A trusted partner of Australias biggest financial brands  

We bring years of expertise in superannuation and financial services, built upon a strong understanding of investments, legislation, and compliance. Our agency maintains a deep and evolving knowledge of what drives people to join, remain with, and champion member-based organisations.

This enables us to span the divide between brand and customers, providing compelling and forward-thinking communication solutions.