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Butterfly – Conversational AI brand development

Meet KIT – the world’s first body image chatbot! KIT is the information resource brainchild from Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre and Butterfly.

We’re proud to see KIT out in the big wide world, already beginning to help people with body image and eating disorder concerns. KIT educates people on body image issues and eating disorders as well as teaches coping skills. KIT also provides support to people who are taking care of a loved one who is experiencing these issues.

SGY developed the name and character design for KIT with research, engagement, and valuable input from a range of groups including user audiences and mental health professionals.


“We love everything about the character SGY created for us. As a not-for-profit collaborative team, we really appreciated the time and generosity of the SGY team. Getting the name and the character just right was very important for our project. The outcome was a character everyone could relate to irrespective of their age, gender or background. I couldn’t recommend the SGY team more highly.”

– Dr Gemma Sharp, Clinical Psychologist Head, Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre.