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The State Of Play

The TWUSUPER website was not delivering a modern, mobile-optimised experience for its users, many of whom spend most of their working days on the road as members of the transport industry. It was also built on a difficult-to-use CMS, which required separate updates to the desktop and mobile versions of pages. The look and feel of the site was outdated and did not provide a favourable impression of the brand. Technical updates were also difficult with the existing website codebase.


The Objective

TWUSUPER wanted to provide an improved experience to its members and make sure they could access the website from anywhere, and on any device, and perform the important actions they needed to. As one of the most important and most engaged with brand touchpoints, they also needed the website to present the brand in the best light possible. It was also very important that the new site be easy to manage and be built to readily allow continual improvements and updates.


The Outcome

SGY developed a modern, mobile-focused site with an easily managed CMS interface, providing a much better user experience for TWUSUPER’s members while saving its marketing staff significant time updating content on the site.


The Results

After launch, TWUSUPER saw an immediate and significant improvement in website engagement and conversions. SGY continues to manage the website and has since put in place a number of major updates, including a full re-brand and a rebuild of the website backend to take advantage of new CMS technology.