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Terms & Privacy Policy


SGY business handles private data from our clients, so we established these privacy principles.

Your information

– SGY collects private information, for example when you fill out an eForm on a web site we built or when a client provides us a member database for an email campaign.

– This data goes to either a client’s server or a SGY server operated on behalf of our client. SGY uses secure servers for personally-identifiable data and the SGY servers are located in Australia. We do not use overseas servers for personally identifiable information and we do not share personally identifiable information with overseas recipients.

– We try to avoid having unnecessary information, and we have a policy of deleting information after it is used. An exception to this is if Australian law requires us to hold the information, for example some financial services regulations require us to hold records for 7 years.

– We will not sell your personal information.


– We will not spam you. If we believe that an email database contains unauthorised addresses, we will work through this with the client who provided the database.

– Your email address is normally confidential to us. If you tell us your super fund we may share your details with them.

– Of course if you request us to contact a financial planner for you we will definitely share your details with a financial planner!

Anonymous information

– The web sites we manage and the advertising campaigns we run online both use electronic tracking like Google Analytics and cookies to monitor activity. This data is anonymous, we cannot tell if it is you.

– Cookies and other programming can also be used to customise your online experience. You can opt out of customised ads at

– We may combine cookies and other programming together so as to better understand and report web interactions.

Confidentiality agreements

– All our team members have signed confidentiality agreements as part of the process of joining SGY.

– A small number of suppliers have access to our systems, for example to advise us on security. These suppliers have also signed a confidentiality agreement.

– SGY also signs confidentiality agreement with our clients. If a client ever proceeds without signing an agreement, or if it expires, we will adhere to these privacy principles to secure your privacy.

Are there exceptions?

– In the event of the business being sold, merged or otherwise transferred, the information we maintain may also be transferred.

– If a court order or police request was ever made to access our data, we would comply.


– You are not allowed to copy or use material from our web site or any SGY work without our written permission. The only exception is use “as is”, for example by visiting and viewing this site without making any special effort to copy the work.

– Modifying our work is also not allowed. The SGY team worked hard on this and you cannot take our work.

– The web site and SGY work contains our trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property and also those of our clients. All these rights are proprietary to the respective owners.

– SGY reserves the right to append a corporate tagline which includes a link back to on any website, tool or other application built under agreement with its clients.

– SGY has a policy of not accepting ideas from people who are not employed or contracted to SGY. This avoids misunderstandings later if we happen to develop something similar. This point can be varied on a case by case basis but this must be done in writing.

– These terms and conditions remain in effect unless specifically terminated by SGY Pty Ltd. They are governed under the laws of Victoria Australia.