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Industry SuperFunds Compare the Pair

Our Opportunity

The Industry SuperFunds’ symbol is the marque of a fund you can trust – run only to benefit members, with low fees and strong performance history. Their renowned long-running “Compare the pair” marketing campaign is based on the comparison in net benefit between Industry SuperFunds and retail funds, with ISF emerging as a clear winner over time.

With an outdated ‘Compare the pair’ tool on their website since 2014, Industry SuperFunds engaged us to enhance and modernise the design and functionality, incorporating best practise while ensuring its seamless integration with the website and suite of tools.

Our Approach

Our engagement tool development is founded on a human-centric mindset that delivers a simple and captivating user experience. We utilise the key elements of effective UX design, realised through our wireframe and prototyping ideation process to simplify complex topics. We incorporated language and visual cues from the overarching marketing campaign in our UI design to maximise recognition and cross-channel consistency to create a regulatory and compliant tool that drives engagement.

Our focus is to strike the right balance between simplifying usability and adhering to client requirements while delivering maximum conversion.

Our Solution

To appeal to a wider and younger audience, we modernised and brought to life the widely recognised odometer and comparison charts, delivering a simple and engaging user experience.

The new “Compare the pair” tool was launched on 21st October 2022 as an integral part of the wider marketing campaign and continues to serve as a landing page for Industry SuperFund’s Compare the pair marketing activity.

Our Work

  • Ideation and strategy
  • Engagement tool development
  • UX and UI design