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MSO Classic Match

Our Opportunity

After the effects of the pandemic on the entertainment industry, the MSO was looking for a way to encourage both subscribers and music lovers in general to return to live music and entertainment. As a challenge to engage audiences, we recognised this as an opportunity to create something entirely new for the MSO and apply our expertise in engagement tools. Beyond calculators and widgets, engagement tools present endless possibilities to engage audiences both on websites and social platforms.

Our Approach

We focused on initiating a connection between a potential new audience and classical music, driven by curiosity and familiar topics which were then aligned with classical music and the MSO’s upcoming events, blogs and Spotify playlists.

Our Solution

Driven by a social media campaign, we developed a digital tool that lived as a widget on the MSO website. The widget engages the user through a series of fun, simple music & pop culture related questions, resulting in a collection of classical music suggestions from the MSO, accompanied by playlists and upcoming events. Through this fun survey-style widget, we educate and drive the user to explore classical music and the MSO further through whichever platform they enjoy most. They could even share the results across social platforms.

Our Work

  • Creative campaign development
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • UX and UI design
  • Engagement tool development