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Prime Super Retirement Needs Calculator

Our Opportunity

With the Retirement Income Covenant recently passed through Parliament, requiring super funds to develop retirement income strategies for members and assist with improving financial outcomes for retirees, we recognised ideal timing for Prime Super to develop their retirement needs calculator. This engagement tool would assist members in calculating the income they need when they retire and the super balance required to generate this income.

Our Solution

We applied UX best practices to design and develop a user-friendly, engaging tool by employing simple, informative language and illustrations. Based on the user’s preferences and goals, the tool enabled them to personalise the calculation of how much money they would need to retire, using super projection and drawdown figures verified by an independent actuary.

Additionally, we recommended that the tool be accompanied by complementary page content aligned with objectives and SEO optimised to drive action further. The retirement needs calculator formed an integral part of Prime Super’s strategy to meet the goals of the Retirement Income Covenant and their marketing plan.

Our Work

  • Ideation and strategy
  • Engagement tool development
  • UX and UI design