Tasplan – Risk Profiler

The state of play

Tasplan is a not-for-profit members’ fund, based in Hobart but with account-holders across Australia. It identified a need to help educate members about risk in relation to the types of investments they chose.


The objective

To find an effective, engaging, relevant and reliable way to, not only help members understand the notion of investment risk, but also assist them in working out their own risk profile and preferences, based on individualised inputs. The solution should also be able to support financial advisers with gathering information prior to the meeting with the member so they can prepare their feedback based on what the member chooses.


The solution

Working with our experts, we firstly collated data around complex investment options and how to turn it into simple language for the user. We then distilled this down into six relevant, user-friendly questions to help the member navigate the profiler easily, while still providing all the relevant information that it needed. Assisting this was that it was visually attractive, and offered simple choices within each question.

Upon completion of the questionnaire, the risk profiler not only produced a valuable result for the member, but also provided a choice of call to actions for different types of members.


The result

The online risk profiler was used in eDM campaign, which sent a link to members, especially prior to chatting to a financial advisor. Members could also either use a dedicated iPad at Tasplan’s office to access the profiler and identify their risk profile. This made it easier for advisors and helped increase member-engagement.

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