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Drapac – Brand Identity

The State of Play

Drapac Capital Partners is a property funds management business, With an unparalleled track record since its beginnings in Melbourne, Drapac saw a rapid expansion in the United States from 2011. Its core investment focus is on land, and the company abides by the ethos of capitalising on unprecedented investment opportunities and identifying value through unorthodox means.

The Work

Commissioned to establish a brand identity that would underpin Drapac’s expansion in the US, SGY began the project with an immersive discovery stage, including stakeholder interviews and a deep dive into their business objectives and future plans. A series of research workshops were held to ensure the new brand identity inspired confidence in clients and solidify the brand’s position on the global property funds stage.

The Result

SGY’s focus on gaining a true understanding of Drapac’s global reach, and its many associations with other international brands, meant that Yoke were able to create a strong brand that effectively communicated what the brand stood for in the universal market. The new identity was launched prior the Tour de France in 2016. It was at this time that Drapac’s Pro Cycling team announced its co-title sponsorship with cycling giants Canondale; throwing the launch of Drapac’s new identity into the global spotlight.