Engagement Tools

From bespoke tailored solutions to white-label options, we can provide a range of online tools to suit your requirements.

They can be fun, they can be intuitive, they can be uniquely complex or surprisingly simple – but most importantly, they’ll be accurate, engaging and enjoyable to use.

Typically, SGY’s online tools can be designed to increase member engagement, drive users to do something (or a few things), increase calls to action, and make complex data speak simple language resulting in higher completion and click through rates.

Their success is built upon SGY’s unique and in-depth knowledge of the finance industry, responsiveness to legislation and legislative changes, understanding of required assumptions and variables, and our appreciation for the way the human mind operates.

Importantly, online engagement tools aren’t only useful in the financial industry. They can be tailored to help users better understand your business and themselves. Wherever there are questions, there’s an SGY engagement tool that can provide the answers.

Our bread and butter:

  • Bespoke designed
  • UX focused
  • Drive online conversions
  • Build user trust
  • Strong CTA to capture leads
  • Integrate with email and digital campaigns