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Telling an engaging story about investment performance with an enriched online experience

legalsuper is a super fund that supports its members by making informed, smart, and data-powered investment decisions, and its record of investment performance reflects this. However, its website investment section was not effectively communicating this performance to current and prospective members, and its backend management system failed to live up to the demands of its internal investment team.

The website’s investment area required staff to manually adjust data supplied by their administrator to create static images of charts and tables to be inserted into the website. The reliance on manual data inputs created a number of vectors for errors to be introduced into the data – with any potential errors in financial data having substantial repercussions with regulators. The reliance on static images that were non-interactive, did not work well on smaller devices and were visually unappealing resulted in an overall uninspiring presentation of the fund’s investment performance.

SGY were engaged to help automate this important process of loading investment data, automate calculations of the expected investment returns, and output engaging, simple data visualisations. In our investigation, we also discovered the investment section was slower than desired and incredibly time consuming – with a result that was still hard to decipher, regardless of the user’s expertise.

SGY worked with legalsuper on research, audit and analysis to identify what the investment team wanted to achieve and their user needs.

  • We applied our industry knowledge of superannuation and regulation in the wireframing and prototypes of the new investment section.
  • We worked with the investment team and administrators to translate their investment formulas to a JavaScript model that processed the raw investment data, applied legalsuper’s rules and automatically loaded it into the investment CMS.
  • Reduced risk vectors for user errors.
  • Added simple and impactful data visualisation options.

SGY developed the frontend of the investment area to match the brand’s look and feel of their website so each module could be added to any page across the entire website. The frontend dynamically pulled live data that could be displayed as interactive charts, sortable tables, compared and manipulated, and visualised in an effective way. This solution was standalone from their CMS and required no additional work from other digital suppliers or web partners. Using live data allowed for a richer user experience, and more understandable by applying SGY UX to the frontend.

The project was a great success – positively influencing accuracy and productivity for the legalsuper team. The outcome removed the possibility for errors, decreased and removed daily tasks for the team, and ensured data was as up to date as possible.