Grounded in strategy and driven by creativity, we apply our deeply curious approach to every brand we work with, striving to bridge the gap between brand and customer.

What does your brand stand for?
How does it connect with people?
How will it resonate with your audience?

Brands need a strong but genuine voice, and so we work closely with our partners in co-creation workshops and collaborative brand activities to establish a solid foundation upon which powerful and engaging brands can thrive.

We know our stuff, creatively and digitally, and with our wealth of experience we help mould your message: how it looks, how it sounds, what is says. And through our proven process of brand audit, competitor analysis, research, and strategic insights we help craft the perfect customer-facing tone, voice and visual identity for your brand and your audience.

With our team of passionate strategists, writers, content creators, account managers, designers and developers, we ensure your brand conveys the right messages and pulls the right levers to deliver original and compelling communication.

SGY’s bread and butter:

• Brand strategy and positioning
• Brand consulting
• Content strategy
• Brand communications
• Creative production – articles, video, infographic, and series
• Human centred design
• Brand identity
• Brand guidelines and style guide