TWUSUPER – Choice Of Fund

The state of play

TWUSUPER, a superannuation fund for the transport industry, were losing members who changed jobs and switched to their new employer’s ‘default’ fund. For members to stay with TWUSUPER, they had to complete a “Choice of fund” form and give it to their new employer. This was a PDF form that had to be printed, filled out manually and hand delivered.


The objective

TWUSUPER recognized that a major obstacle for existing members to nominate to stay with the fund was the rigmarole involved in completing the PDF form and delivering it to their new employer.  They wanted to make it as easy as possible for their members to fill out the form and deliver it to their new employer, to increase the likelihood that members would choose to stay with the fund, rather than opt-in to the new employer’s default fund. They understood that super is not front-of-mind for most people, and that it’s important to remove barriers to act.

The outcome

SGY designed and built a ‘Choice of fund’ tool that that allows members to complete and deliver the form completely online. The tool is simple to use and is pre-populated with TWUSUPER’s details to make things even easier. Once completed, the user can then download the form and/or email it to themselves.


The results

TWUSUPER has since seen much higher completion rates of the form and a higher retention rate of members.

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