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State of play

When the pandemic hit Australia, thousands of employees faced reduced working hours, lower incomes and financial anxiety. As part of the national strategy to minimise the financial stress on working Australians, the Federal Government introduced changes to the superannuation rules, allowing individuals to withdraw up to $10,000 from their super. This caused shockwaves throughout the superannuation industry, as it was feared that widespread withdrawals would lead to a drastic reduction in funds under management.


The objective

Education and pragmatic thinking were identified as the keys to preventing irrational mass-withdrawals. Working with super fund EISS, our team developed proactive communications to lower customer anxieties and help them think rationally about the need to withdraw money. It was important to easily and accurately demonstrate the effects of withdrawing up to $10,000 from super, based on the user’s age and intentions.


The outcome

We developed an engagement gadget that allowed users to easily understand the impact a withdrawal would have on their retirement balance. And the cost to make up for the lost time. SGY design and built a dedicated eDM and campaign landing page, seamlessly integrating the digital engagement tool into the campaign flow.


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